Use this recipe as a template and tailor it to your tastes. Substitute mozzarella for the provolone and shingle other delicious meats like hot capicola, mortadella, or classic salami. You might even layer vegetables like peppers, eggplant, or asparagus.

Yield: 6 dinners , Prep time: 15 minutes , Cook time: 2-3 hours



1. Using a sharp knife, butterfly the steak to create more surface area for the meats and cheese (ask your butcher for help if you do not feel comfortable doing this). Lay your flank steak on the cutting board so the muscle is going up and down.
2. Shingle all of the meats and cheese onto the steak, one layer at a time.
3. Tightly roll the steak from left to right and lay the seam on the cutting board.
4. With your butcher’s twine, tie 4 knots down the length of the steak to keep the everything together.
5. Lower the braciole into a deep roasting pan and cover with sauce (you know Aunt Norma's Sauce is the best, but you should use your favorite).Next, place the dish in a 325-degree oven and let cook for 2-3 hours, or until the braciole is tender. After 2 hours, remove from the oven and let cool. When you are ready to eat, remove the braciole from the sauce, snip the strings off of the braciole, slice the meat and serve with the sauce spooned over top.

Tips + Tricks

**In a pinch, you can use unflavored dental floss instead of butcher's twine. Just make sure it is UNflavored!
**Wrap several braciole at a time and freeze them to have when you're ready, up to a week in advance. Double wrap before popping into the freezer. Then, a day before you want to enjoy it, place in the refrigerator to thaw; pick up the recipes where you left off.