Carrot-Orange Marmalade

Here begins the sure way to get the Easter Bunny's attention: Carrot-Orange Marmalade. Leave a lump of it on a biscuit at the door, right by your baskets -- and plan to wake up to all the jelly beans you ever imagined. It's sweet and zippy and gorgeous to boot. 

Make a double batch and store for up to a month in the refrigerator. Smear on toast, spread onto sandwiches, or try it as a layer between cakes.  

Yield: 5 cups , Prep time: 30 minutes , Cook time: 30-60 minutes



1. Prep your ingredients: Peel and shred the carrots. Zest and juice the orange and lemon. Finely mince the ginger. 
2. In a sauce pot, combine the carrots, sugar, water, orange, and lemon zests and juices, minced ginger, cardamom, and salt. Cook slowly over medium heat, until the sugar is dissolved, carrots are tender, and the water has reduced by half, (approximately 30 minutes).
3. Transfer the jam to a food processor, and pulse to a smooth consistency. **If the jam is still watery, place back on the heat and cook until the water is mostly reduced.**
4. When the jam is finished cooking, let cool completely and then store in an airtight container. 

Tips + Tricks

**Make sure to take time in cooking the jam or the sugar will caramelize and the jam will be stiff and hard to spread.