Herbed Greek Yogurt Dressing

Blend together superfresh sauciness in a matter of minutes for a no-cook crown to the best produce summer has to offer. Drizzle this dressing over a spread of sliced beefsteak tomatoes as we have in the picture, serve it as a superfresh compliment to crudité, or, toss into a simple salad of crunchy summer greens. 

Stick with tangy Greek yogurt for the backdrop, but play with your own favorite herbs, whatever's growing in your window box right now; cilantro, thyme, and chives would all be delicious substitutions for the mint, dill, and parsley.

Yield: 1 cup , Prep time: 5 minutes , Cook time: none



1. Combine the yogurt, parsley, dill, mint and honey; mix until evenly incorporated.
2. Season with salt and pepper and taste, or add more honey to make it less tart. Use water to thin the sauce to your preferred texture.