Homemade Mayonnaise

Slip a slather of this to folks who think they don't like mayo... And watch them change their minds. Homemade mayo is simply delicious, and this recipe is like a blank canvas for flavor. Doctor it up with some citrus zest, cracked black pepper, or even fresh herbs from your window box garden.

For an easy app or summertime sandwich, smear homemade mayo onto toasted bread, top with a hunk of thickly sliced fresh tomato, and season with salt and pepper. Serve with a stack of napkins.

Yield: 1 cup , Prep time: 5 minutes , Cook time: none



1. In a blender, combine the egg, lemon juice, and 1/4 cup of vegetable oil; blend together for about 1 minute.
2. When the mixture starts to thicken and turn white, slowly pour the rest of the vegetable oil into the blender, as the mayo continues to blend.
3. Once it has thickened to a texture of your liking, add salt to taste. Transfer to an air-tight container and store in the refrigerator until use.

Tips + Tricks

**If you add the latter 1/2 cup of oil too soon, the mayonnaise will not thicken, so give it time to come together and watch it.
**If the mayo is thicker than you like, feel free to add a couple of tablespoons of warm water or more lemon juice to thin it.