Hot Beef Sandwiches

This recipe is one of the first ones Caitlin mastered when she lived in Chicago for culinary school. It is the ultimate sandwich to savor -- and it could not be simpler to stack. Look for crusty bread that can stand up to the brothy dip and get your roast beef sliced in the deli. Serve a spread of these for tailgating throughout the year.

Yield: 6 sandwiches , Prep time: 10 minutes , Cook time: 10 minutes



1. Into a large pot, pour the beef broth, herbs, and spices; bring to medium-high heat allowing the flavors to steep as the broth comes to a slow boil.

2. Slice the baguette lengthwise, leaving a spine of crust along the length of the bread. Open the baguette and shingle on a layer of provolone.

3. Once the bread is ready and the broth is boiling, lower individual slices of roast beef into the hot broth. When the beef begins to float – shouldn’t take longer than a minute – using tongs, layer the beef onto the provolone.

4. Crown the stuffed baguette with hot giardiniera, fold the bread together, and slice into portion sizes. Dip the spine of each sandwich into the hot broth just before serving.

Tips + Tricks

**Giardiniera is a relish of spicy pickled vegetables. Find it jarred in the Italian section of your grocer's international aisles. Or, make it yourself with our homemade Giardiniera recipe. It is optional for the sandwich, but, absolutely, it is a most delicious finisher.