Peanut Butter-Bacon Sandwich

This recipe is like a love note to our dad who used to sneak a smear of peanut butter onto his BLTs when we were growing up. We thought he was crazy then...but we so appreciate his genius now. Thanks for the inspiration, Dad!

Line up the everyday ingredients, but be thoughtful about how you decorate and layer them. I've called for creamy, natural peanut butter because I like the way it weeps over the bread, but you should spread whichever texture of any nut butter you love onto this sandwich. Fry, bake, or microwave the bacon to be as wiggly or crisp as you desire; pump up the kick with more cayenne too. And then, serve this baby as the crowd-pleasing, two-bite appetizer surprise we have pictured here, or double up the layers for a splurge-y tall stack that would be impossible to sneak.

Yield: 16 , Prep time: 5-10 minutes , Cook time: 20 minutes



1. Using a dry sauté pan, fry your bacon. Reserve all of the fat in a separate bowl.
2. After the bacon has been cooked through and is golden brown and crispy, drizzle with honey and dust with cayenne, both based on your personal taste.
3. Next, slice the crust off of all of the bread and cut each slice into 2 rectangles.
4. Spoon a thin layer of bacon fat back into the sauté pan. Toast both sides of the bread in the fat.
5. When the bread is still warm, generously smear with peanut butter. Tear the bacon to fit the bread and make sure every bite gets some honey-cayenne bacon.
6. Serve while still warm and enjoy!

Tips + Tricks

**Make the bacon in advance and then warm it up slowly in an oven just before you are ready to serve.