Rosemary Caramel Apples

Here begins a very basic recipe for caramel apples (with a savory rosemary twist, of course). Make it your own by adding cinnamon, nutmeg, or cayenne to the caramel and then dredging the apples in chocolate cookie crumbs. Steep thyme in the cream and dredge in a lemon cookie. Or, go classic by running the caramel-dipped apples through chopped peanuts and sprinkles.

Yield: 6-12 , Prep time: 20 minutes , Cook time: 10 minutes



1. Prep your ingredients: Pulse the cookies into crumbs in a food processor. Wash the apples and spear the stems with popsicle sticks.
2. Into a small pot, pour the rosemary and cream; turn to medium-high heat. Cook until the cream starts to bubble up and then reduce the temperature to low.
3. In a separate small pot, stir together the sugar and pinch of salt. Bring to medium-high heat and cook until the sugar has melted and turns caramel brown. Stir until all of the clumps are melted. *If the caramel is turning dark brown, reduce the heat.
4. When the sugar has caramelized, remove the rosemary from the cream and whisk the cream into the caramel while it is still on medium heat. Whisk together until it is a uniform consistency; turn off the heat once the caramel is ready.
5. Next, dip the apples into the caramel. Scrape the excess caramel off the bottom and then dredge in the shortbread crumbs. Place on a piece of parchment to cool. Repeat until all of the apples are dipped.

Tips + Tricks

**In terms of texture -- with dental work in mind -- know that the caramel "shell" of this recipe is a happy medium between a traditional candy apple and caramel apple.
**Store leftovers at room temperature. Do not keep in the refrigerator so that the caramel doesn't melt in the moisture of the fridge.