Tartar Sauce

If you are the kind of person who orders extra tartar sauce for everything on your plate — from the sandwich to the fries — your ship has just come in.This recipe for homemade tartar sauce just might change your life. It’s kicky and creamy in all the right places, and super easy to make with a couple pulses of the food processor. Make it your signature topper, and most definitely serve it with Fish and Chip Sandwiches.

Yield: 1.5 cups , Prep time: 5 minutes , Cook time: none



1. Prep your ingredients: drain your capers, juice your lemon, remove the shin of the shallot, and roughly chop your shallot.
2. Next, pulse together the mayonnaise, pickles, capers, shallot, and lemon juice in a food processor until it reaches the consistency you desire. You probably will need to turn off the machine and scrape down the sides a time or two.
3. Season to taste with salt and pepper. 
4. Store in an air-tight container in your refrigerator. Serve with everything!

Tips + Tricks

**This is a basic recipe, delicious as is, but you can play with it. Add some cayenne or hot sauce for some heat, or add fresh herbs like chives or dill. Tailor this to your tastes and preferences!
**Shallots are part of the onion family. They are very small and they resemble a baby red onion, and they’re very mild in flavor. You can find them traditionally in the produce area. If you can’t find them you can always substitute green onions or even a little white onion.